Measure NPS, CSAT and collect general feedback directly from Zendesk emails.

Survicate is a survey software that helps you get into your customer’s mindset and uncover actionable insights. Measure NPS®, customer satisfaction, and collect general feedback from within your emails in Zendesk!

Survicate offers a free plan, so why don’t you give it a try? Try Survicate

How it works?

  • Distribute Survicate surveys with Zendesk emails – add Survicate one-click surveys to emails sent via Zendesk. Embed the first question directly in the email to improve the response rate.
  • See email addresses of respondents in the Survicate analysis panel – Survicate will add the email address to every respondent's details, so you know how every person answered.
  • Use Zapier to create Zendesk tickets from new Survicate responses or update Zendesk profiles with survey answers – act upon your customers’ satisfaction ratings by replying to all or chosen respondents straight from the Zendesk platform.
  • Save every single answer – even if your customers don’t complete the entire survey, you will still receive their partial responses.

Popular use cases:

  • Measure Customer Satisfaction & NPS & CES directly from Zendesk email campaigns
  • Add surveys to the signatures of support agents
  • Trigger surveys after the ticket is closed

Adding Survicate survey to Zendesk is very easy, and you can set it up in a few quick clicks.

  1. Sign up or log in to your Survicate account here.
  2. Create your first survey. For Zendesk surveys, choose ‘Email or sharable link’ as your distribution channel. You can also check our templates library for +100 survey inspirations.
  3. Add your survey to Zendesk emails. You can either share a direct link to the survey or embed the first question into an email using an HTML code. Both the survey link and HTML code can be found in the ‘ Share’ tab of your survey settings.

    Attention! Zendesk allows using HTML code only in specified places listed here.

  4. Uncover the magic behind the data. See overall trends or analyze answers of individual respondents in the Survicate analysis dashboard.

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