Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Helps you to track time and become more productive at your work.

See the exact time spent on Zendesk tickets. Also Time Doctor has features to understand how time is used by each support agent. You can see screenshots of each agent's computer screen while working or view websites and applications used when working.

You can use Time Doctor to see time worked on each Zendesk ticket. Use this information to calculate the average time spent per ticket answered. Also with the Time Doctor websites and applications report you can see the time spent using Zendesk versus the time spent on other websites or applications. See the proportion of time spent within Zendesk versus other websites or desktop applications they use for their support work.

Register for Time Doctor and then activate the Zendesk integration under settings and then company settings in the menu. Enter your company's Zendesk domain name on the settings page. Then sign in to Zendesk to verify the integration. You will then need to ask your individual team members to integrate with Zendesk. You can view a support article on this integration here.

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