TMetric Time Tracker

TMetric Time Tracker

Track time on everything you do in Zendesk easily and free

TMetric is a user-friendly and free time tracker which has a seamless integration with Zendesk. It gives you an opportunity to track how much time you spent on everything you do in Zendesk. How much time you spent on resolving a ticket, support request or chat. All your Zendesk activity you can see in a user-friendly and build detailed time reports on selected dates.

Additionally, TMetric can help you:

  • see your workday Zendesk activity through well-organised timeline;
  • create/edit/manage all your tasks and projects with a most convenient way;
  • set rates on every support ticket (task, project);
  • see, through a report, how much money you earned working with a current project/support ticket/task;
  • set budgets on every project so you could optimise your money spending.
  • detailed time and money reports will help you to measure your productivity and money income.

Let's setup TMetric so it can correctly capture your work time from Zendesk.

  1. Create TMetric account It will take a minute and it is free.
  2. Install one of the following TMetric browser extensions depending on a browser you prefer:
  3. (optional) After registration, you can also install time tracking desktop app so you could track your work activity in details.

Now when you are all set, you can proceed to track work time in Zendesk.

App Details

  • Author: TMetric
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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