Treasure Data

Treasure Data

Zendesk Integration with Treasure Data for custom analytics

Treasure Data is a big data platform which enables organization to collect (300+ integrations including Zendesk), store and analyze data at scale. Treasure Data connects data and teams together with a full suite of tools that automate data collection and processing. Faster than ever before. Organizations can use the same analytics infrastructure used by Warner Bros, Pioneer and more with Treasure Data.

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Full setup instructions here

  • Step 0: Install ‘td’ command v0.11.9 or later
  • Step 1: Create Seed Config File (seed.yml)
  • Step 2: Guess Fields (Generate load.yml)
  • Step 3: Execute Load Job
  • Scheduled execution

App Details

  • Author: Treasure Data
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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