Add simple SMS to your ticket workflow

Receive text messages to your mobile phone. Zendesk administrators can build powerful ticketing workflows that will deliver important updates, as they happen, to the right personnel. Configure Zendesk to deliver urgent ticket notifications to support staff on-the-go, or combine custom ticket field and tag criteria to alert users of specific events as they happen in your Zendesk.

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  1. Log into your Zendesk account and navigate to Settings->Extensions->Targets->Add Target in your Zendesk account.
  2. Click on the Twilio target.
  3. Enter the following pieces of information
  4. SID: Your Twilio Account SID. You can locate this from the Dashboard page of your Twilio account.
  5. Token: Your Twilio account token.
  6. From: The number your SMS messages will be sent from. This must be a valid Twilio incoming number.
  7. To: The target phone number that will receive the SMS message.
  8. Select Create Target from the droplist and click Submit.

Now that your target is configured, you will need to set up a Zendesk trigger to activate the target. You can use the triggers to notify upon special events or based off how a ticket is tagged; the workflow is completely up to you. If you need to set up more than one number to send out to, you will need to create a separate Twilio target for each number you may need to SMS.

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