Workforce Management for Zendesk


Workforce Management can be complicated. Tymeshift makes it better.

Together, we are building the modern WFM, made exclusively for Zendesk.


Automatically track all of the time agents spend in Zendesk + the time spent on other activities such as Lunch, Breaks, and Meetings.


See what agents are doing in real-time and view reports to identify trends.


Discover insights to make better decisions and help your agents become more productive.


REPORT ON KEY SUPPORT METRICS: Occupancy Rate, Schedule Adherence, Attended, Unattended, Escalated, Solved and more.

TRACK ALL ACTIVITY IN ZENDESK: Track productive time on tickets, chats, and calls. Track time on the things agents do outside of Zendesk, such as Lunch, Breaks, and Meetings... AND track unproductive time, too.

SCHEDULING: Schedule shifts, create intraday schedules, and allow agents to swap shifts with other agents.

WHO'S WORKING: Monitor what your agents are doing in real time.

AGENT ACTIVITY: View a visual picture of an agent's day time spent on tickets, chats, calls, general tasks, and untracked time.

SCORECARD: Select metrics, set goals, and let your agents see how they performing against their goals in real-time -- right within Zendesk!

SUMMARY REPORT: Run quick summaries or robust detailed reports. Key metrics include: Occupancy Rate | Attendance Rate | Average Handle Time | Average Solving Time | Average Escalated Time | Solved Tickets | Escalated Tickets | Attended Tickets, Unattended Tickets, Chats Handled, Calls Handled, First Response Time, CSAT, Schedule Adherence and More!

RULES: Set conditions and automatically clock out agents, shift them to different statuses, and send alerts.

NOTIFICATIONS: Receive notifications on your mobile device and in Zendesk based on conditions you set.

TIMECARD: Allow your agents to view their daily & weekly activity.

ACTIVITY FEED: Monitor every action an agent takes in a live activity feed.

TRENDS REPORT: Analyze time and different metrics to identify trends.

CUSTOM REPORT: Report on Zendesk tags, ticket statuses, groups, and more.

IT'S YOUR DATA: CSV Export & a full Rest API

MOBILE APP: Track and view activity on the go. iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Schedule, track, monitor, and forecast to find trends that help agents become more efficient and managers more engaged.

CLICK INSTALL TO GET STARTED. Then, open the "TS" icon in the upper right corner of Zendesk to complete the setup. Email: support@tymeshift.com | Call: 800-369-TYME (8963)

App Details

  • Author: Tymeshift
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:5.203
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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