Upscope Co-browsing

Upscope Co-browsing

Cobrowse with your customers instantly


Upscope Co-browsing is for instantly seeing what your customer sees, without downloads. It replaces old download based screen sharing, sending screenshots or asking customers lots of questions on what the problem is.

In one click from Zendesk you can not only see what the customer sees but also send your cursor over the internet to appear on their screen to click for them and type for them, as if you're sitting next to them.

  • See what they see in one click from Zendesk without downloads.

  • Scroll, click and type for them on their computer by co-browsing WITH them.

  • Securely limited to seeing your own website and not their private desktop.

You can now onboard and support even your least technical customers by instantly seeing their screen and clicking and typing for them when they get stuck.

  • Save 30% in time on each support request by instantly seeing the problem.

  • Increase your conversion and retention by rapidly fixing problems and educating customers.

  • Raise your NPS and CSAT scores by providing fast memorable resolutions.

  • Support staff will enjoy helping customers and not have to repeat themselves.

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Install Upscope in 3 steps

  1. If you have not done so already, create your Upscope account on There's a free trial available.
  2. Once you're logged into Upscope, go to your settings > integrations and click on Connect to Zendesk. It will generate a Token for you.
  3. Copy that Token and return to Zendesk. Go to the Marketplace and search for Upscope and choose to install the app. Paste in the Token when prompted. Please note that you have to be signed into Zendesk as an admin. During the Upscope sign up process you'll have received your javascript snippet to add to your website. Upscope requires this snippet to be added to all pages on which you wish to cobrowse.

Using the App

To confirm that Upscope is installed correctly, log into Upscope and you'll see a list of users who are currently on your website.

You can run a test of the Upscope Zendesk integration by going onto your website and starting a chat. Within Zendesk you'll see the Upscope 'Screen sharing' button appear on the right hand side for that user's chat.

Click the screen sharing button and, if permissions are enabled, a pop-up will appear in the browser asking the user for permission to screen share.

Click yes and begin co-browsing. You are able to not only scroll, click and type for the user but use the pen tool to draw on objects or around objects to bring the user's attention to them.

If the user has, for example, phoned in rather than began a chat or a ticket, you can identify their screen by asking them for their 4 digit support code which can be added to your site footer or header or generated by the user through tapping the Ctrl key 5 times. Ask the user for that code and enter it into the Upscope app on Zendesk to go straight to their screen and begin co-browsing.

Contact the Upscope team on our live chat if you have any questions.

App Details

  • Author: Upscope
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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