Send visual user feedback and bug reports to Zendesk

The Usersnap bug tracker improves customer support with visual feedback in every Zendesk ticket.

Send annotated screenshots & bug reports to Zendesk

Get annotated screenshots and visual bug reports attached to every Zendesk ticket with the visual bug tracker Usersnap.

See the problem through your client's eyes

Empower your clients with easy-to-use visual feedback tools from Usersnap. Your clients can draw directly in their browser, use a highlighting tool or the comment tool. They can also attach sticky notes to illustrate and annotate the support request.

Additional user information at your fingertips

With the Zendesk integration from Usersnap, you get extended information about your client's session such as OS, browser version, screen and browser size as well as installed plugins.

Further information can be found on:

Installing Usersnap on your website

Simply copy and paste the Usersnap code-snippet into your web page, just before the closing</body> tag on your page. Usersnap also supports all major content management system (such as Wordpress, TYPO3, Drupal) which makes it even easier to install Usersnap in your CMS.

Configuring Usersnap

Usersnap supports a wide range of configuration options such as the local language or a selection of tools. A complete guide to all Usersnap options can be found here:How to configure the Usersnap widget

Connecting Usersnap and Zendesk

Usersnap delivers visual bug reports from your customers' screen directly to your Zendesk account and creates Zendesk tickets. To connect Usersnap with Zendesk, please select Zendesk in the settings of your Usersnap dashboard.

For detailed information about how to configure users please visit our Zendesk documentation

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