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Wistia: Your friendly neighborhood video platform 🏡.

The Wistia app for Zendesk makes it easy add videos from your Wistia account right into Zendesk tickets. Build stronger, more human relationships with your customers, and understand the impact of video on your support.

With the Wistia Zendesk app, you can:

  • Navigate your Wistia library and find the right video to share.
  • Add a video thumbnail link to a Zendesk ticket.
  • Track the viewer's email address in your Wistia stats, and learn how each person interacts with your content.
  • Tag Zendesk tickets automatically when a video is shared, to see how video impacts your team's productivity and your customers' happiness.

Bonus: Learn how to make great videos for customer support with this helpful DIY guide in the Wistia Library:

Wistia Video: Making Better Help Videos

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