Resolve tickets faster with the power of screen recording.

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Zest helps Customer Support teams leverage screen recording to provide an outstanding support experience. Increase customer satisfaction and make support ticket resolution faster and cheaper.

Some of the benefits of using Zest:

  • 20% increase in average CSAT

  • 25% decrease in average Time on Case

  • 133% increase in Same Day Closure

  • 65% decrease in conference calls.

  • 58% increase in First Level Support Resolution

Unlike other solutions, Zest has been specifically built for Customer Support use cases.

Here are some highlights with using Zest:

  • Let your team request a screen recording from your customers - Instead of making users explain an issue via text or live call, give them the option to record it.

  • Reply to your customer inquiry with screen recording - Agents can send visual step-by-step instructions - easy and intuitive for customers to follow.

  • How-To videos - Organise all your recording in a searchable library. Create once. Use infinite times.

  • Zest in-app - It allows your customers to launch Zest recorder from any specific button, link or element in your product and receive recordings on Zendesk.

  • Easily share customer recordings with your developers or product teams.

Zest doesn’t require any installation on the customer side.

For support, visit our Help Center or contact us at support@hellozest.io

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