Zignatures app enhances Agents control over signatures


Zignatures is ticket sidebar/new ticket sidebar app which gives Admins ability to create intelligent signatures with any type of look and feel, enabling Agents to see and control signatures behavior and ultimately make it possible for Marketing people to use this space more effectively.



Step 1

Install the app and accept T&C

Step 2

Configure Text or HTML of the signature.

You can use text, HTML, Zendesk placeholders and Zendesk Dynamic Content.

Below is representative example of HTML signature.

<br>--<br><br><span style='font-weight:bold;'> {{current_user.name}} [{{ticket.account}}] </span><br><br><span style='color:grey; font-size:14px;'> <strong>tel:</strong> {{current_user.phone}} </span><br> <span style='color:grey;font-size:14px;'> <strong>email:</strong> {{current_user.email}}</span><br> <span style='color:grey;font-size:14px;'> <strong>www:</strong> <a href='https://www.zendesk.com/' target=_blank'>www.zendesk.com</a> </span><br><br><img class='logo-image' src='https://d1eipm3vz40hy0.cloudfront.net /images target=_blank'>www.zendesk.com</a> width='101' height='19' alt='Zendesk logo Relationship are complicated'><span></span>

Step 3

Configure visibility:

  • Show app to agents - If selected Agents will be able to see this app on the right hand side. App informs agents whether ticket will be signed or not

  • Show little question mark icon referring to Zendesk Labs - If selected and app is visible the little question mark icon will be shown. It open modal window with Zendesk Labs disclaimer

Step 4

Configure behaviour:

  • Sign private comments - If selected the app will sign private comments. Otherwise, private comments will be ignored

  • Agents can decided on particular comment signature - If selected Agent will be able to see an option not to sign a particular comment

  • Agents can decided on all comments signature - If selected Agent will be able to see an option not to sign any comments

Step 5

Save the setting. Refresh Zendesk pages.

If configured correctly the app will inject the signature when Agent press Submit button.

App Details

  • Author: Andrey
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.6
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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