Daniel Wellington seamlessly scales customer service worldwide with Zendesk

Daniel Wellington's 80 agents solve 400K+ tickets a month using Zendesk Support, Guide, Talk, and Chat.

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Daniel Wellington is a global company that offers stylish watches and accessories for men and women, sold both online and in retail stores. The company was founded in 2011 and grew massively with 3.7 million watches sold in 2017 and with over 2000 employees worldwide. In order to make customer service scale with the growth of the organization, the Swedish brand chose to work with Zendesk.

“The sun is always shining at Daniel Wellington”, said Anton Blom, Customer Service Manager Europe at Daniel Wellington. “This means that we provide customer service 24/7 from different strongholds worldwide. In order to streamline the customer service operation for all our locations and our 80 customer service agents, we needed a solution that can scale with our explosive growth. Also, it was important that the solution supports different communication channels like phone, e-mail, chat and social media, and provides us with data and insights from these channels.”

1500 tickets per day requires structure in the way you work

After evaluating different solutions, Daniel Wellington selected Zendesk, using Support, Guide and Chat. The last channel is specifically used for pre-sales. Customers can consult style advisors through the chat channel on the website. “The value Zendesk provides to our customer service operations is exceptional,” Blom said. “In 2018 we managed just over 200.000 tickets worldwide. The most intense month was November with 40.000 tickets. This means our customer service agents received 1500 tickets per day. When you’re talking about these numbers, having a solution in place that provides structure in the way we work and insights about the customer contacts is indispensable. Zendesk helps us to take down a lot of first-time replies which saves a lot of time and leads to a better customer experience.”

The insights that Blom gets through Zendesk enable him to make the right decision for his customer service operation and truly makes Daniel Wellington a customer-focused company. “Having the right data is a must for validating your strategy. Also, the data helps us cooperate more efficiently with other departments like ecommerce, marketing and our customer experience teams. This means we can not only take our customer service to a higher level but also our operations and business as a whole. We know what our customers want as Zendesk gives us this intelligence.”

An example of this is that the data showed that customers were asking a lot about a repair service which Daniel Wellington didn’t have. The demand increased over time so Blom decided to set up a project for this: “I knew this wouldn’t directly increase the sales of our products but it would lead to happier customers. Integrating the communication about the repair service in Zendesk also strengthens our omnichannel strategy. It has proven to be a strong combination of adding a revenue driven service whilst giving customers the opportunity to engage more with us after they’ve completed their purchase. Another example of how we leverage insights from our data is when we launch a new product or campaign. The data shows us how people respond to this globally. This way we can quickly act on their behaviour in the specific regions.”

Insight into the why and what of a CSAT score is vital

Like in any service-minded organization, at Daniel Wellington measuring CSAT is a continuous process. This is integrated into the workflow of Zendesk. “CSAT is the marker for the customer experience we provide and helps us to see where we are and how we can do better,” Blom said. “However, a customer satisfaction rating doesn’t necessarily mean you have poor customer service. There also can be issues in the purchase flow or deliveries or return process. Therefore insight in the why and what of the CSAT percentage is vital. We use this feedback to optimize the whole customer journey.”

Blom feels that being able to centralize the worldwide customer service operation with one solution is a vital part of delivering a seamless experience: “With Zendesk we’re sure that our customers get the same experience whether they’re talking to one of our customer service agents in Moskow, Stockholm, Manila or New York. Before having Zendesk we didn’t work on a global scale so it was hard to ensure the same high standards in every region. Nowadays it doesn’t matter which agent you are contacting, through what channel: if you have been in touch with us before they will know it. The insights from all the customer interactions are available for all our agents and Zendesk Guide helps them provide the right answers.”

Zendesk also provides a lot of value in the pre-sales process at Daniel Wellington. “If behaviour on our website indicates that the customer is unsure or is going back and forth, they automatically get a chat pop up,” said Blom. This puts the customer in direct contact with one of our pre-sales representatives who provide personal advice about for instance style and size. Zendesk enables this communication. Thanks to this advice, the likelihood increases that the customer selects the right product from the very beginning. This leads to lower returns and a smooth and easy purchasing experience.”

35% of chat conversations on Black Friday resulted in more sales

The benefits of using chat as a service channel are obvious: on Black Friday 35% of the chat conversations on the Daniel Wellington website resulted in cross or upsell. “Moreover we generally see that visitors on our website who talk to our pre-sales representatives via chat have a higher value per order when they make a purchase than people who order by themselves on the website.”

However, the ROI achieved with Zendesk chat isn’t the only advantage. It also helped Daniel Wellington improve its website. Blom discovered that customers are often insecure about what size straps they need. This means the information about sizes needed to be more clear. Also to create a better online experience Daniel Wellington is optimizing self-service and is constantly updating the FAQ on the website. If customers can’t find the right answer they automatically get redirected to another channel.

No waiting times on Black Friday

Blom is pleased with how Zendesk is truly committed to make the solution a success. “Our contacts at Zendesk are fast and understand our business. For instance, for Black Friday Zendesk put our chat traffic on a separate server. This way we could easily handle the heavy traffic on our website and had no waiting times in customer service which was pretty impressive. Furthermore, Zendesk keeps challenging us to get the most out of their solutions. It’s not simply about implementing the software and finish the project. It’s a long term partnership which is all about development and growth: what are our plans and ambitions and how can Zendesk help us achieve these?

Intelligence to make the right decisions

For the next step in optimizing customer service at Daniel Wellington Blom talks about integrating Zendesk in the CRM-system: “This way, we can provide an even better omnichannel experience, while also taking this experience further than our website and into our physical stores. Our mission is to become the leading accessory brand. Zendesk will play an important role in this as it provides us with the intelligence to make the right decisions from the perspective of our customers. Also, we can easily expand and grow on different continents and be confident that our customer service operation works as we can scale virtually endlessly with Zendesk,” Blom concluded.

“We can easily expand and grow on different continents and be confident that our customer service operation works.”

Anton Blom Customer Service Manager Europe