Digital Tipping Point

Build your
digital presence

With COVID-19 accelerating digital technology adoption faster than your high-speed internet connection, make sure you’re keeping up with all of the changes. Take our assessment to build a strong foundation for your digital CX.

Customer experience is more important than ever before.

How long does it take your business to adopt a new technology?

How much has your CX investment budget increased in the last year?

Where do you plan to make new investments in 2021?

(select all that apply)

Are you adding more support channels to improve your CX?


Ready to upgrade

You might have dabbled in the digital sphere, but it’s time to add the next level. Customers now expect to reach you on multiple channels, and you’re not quite ready to meet them there.

What's next

Our do-it-yourself guide will help you to add messaging capabilities and internal tools that keep customers and employees engaged.


Proficient partner

Maybe you’ve added a few channels or started CX software trials. You can handle basic customer needs, but when it comes to more advanced options – such as bots or anytime messaging – you’re just starting out.

What's next

We’ll guide you through your technology options – and best practice for using them – in our do-it-yourself guide.


Digital wiz

You’re an early adopter when it comes to trying and buying new technologies. You keep tabs on emerging digital platforms and plan the necessary budget and team training to implement programmes like a pro.

What's next

Even though you’re ahead of the curve, make sure you’re allocating resources in the right places using our do-it-yourself guide.