Zendesk for government

Rethink government customer experience.

Everyone expects the same ease of interaction with their government that they have with any private sector company. But let’s face it, the government isn’t there yet.

Build better digital services and improve how your organization delivers services and information to the public. Zendesk’s easy-to-use, custom-fit software makes the work of government agencies easier, more efficient, and more responsive to the needs of the public and their own teams.

Join these innovative government organizations in transforming constituent engagement
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The Zendesk for government approach

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Stronger teams, better service

The move towards digital communication means centers, offices, and websites are inundated with inquiries. Impress your customers with your response time and make it easier for them to reach out to you. Zendesk gives government organizations everything they need to deliver better customer experiences to the public.

Deliver custom experiences on the Zendesk platform
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Ensure security and compliance with enterprise-grade standards

Focus on strengthening customer service with Zendesk’s FedRAMP-authorized cloud solution. Serve the public while meeting the stringent cybersecurity capabilities and processes required to handle federal data as well as constituent information.

Learn more about our FedRAMP authorization and Zendesk Security
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Seamless integration with existing systems

Your agency is busy enough, and we don’t believe in rebuilding your IT infrastructure. Zendesk’s solution enhances your current system and creates efficiencies within your existing frameworks. This all-in-one system approach helps unify both internal and external communications and makes your CX truly forward-looking.

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Check out The Zendesk Support Suite as a centralized solution

Say goodbye to complex reporting

Siloed data sources can make reporting to stakeholders complicated and cumbersome. With powerful analytics and reporting from Zendesk, teams can gain visibility into the volume of requests and turnaround time. Improving constituent experiences is an important way for civic leaders to help constituents feel more connected and trusting of their local government.

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Remotely manage your staff with ease

While managing constituent expectations, government organizations also must manage the new reality of a dispersed workforce. Let us help you ensure your workforce feels supported and empowered. Our tools help teams and partners track and manage requests, capture and disseminate institutional knowledge, and stay productive and connected wherever they may be working from.

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Overhaul outdated processes

The FCC replaced a 15-year-old consumer complaint system and 18 outdated complaint forms

“Zendesk Support lives up to its promise. It’s that simple. It does what we need it to do today, and its vision ensures it’s a solid alternative in years ahead to help innovative decision-makers.”
Dustin Laun

Contractor and Senior Advisor of Innovation and Technology for the FCC

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Learn how the FCC saved $2.8 million in deployment costs and $540,000 annually in maintenance costs with Zendesk

Improve constituent support

State of Tennessee boosted CSAT 35% with an omnichannel solution from Zendesk

“It just made sense to merge our customer channels together—that and the fact that we saved a quarter-million dollars in maintenance fees on an annual basis by doing so.”
Dustin Swayne

Deputy Commissioner for the State of Tennessee

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Learn how the State of Tennessee provides a seamless experience to 6.6 million residents

Improve agent productivity

Congressional staffers reduced response times from weeks to a matter of hours

“Through the use of its mobile apps and smart automation, staffers in offices utilizing the Indigov and Zendesk in partnership can answer incoming requests quickly and efficiently from the comfort and safety of their own homes.”
Alexander Kouts

CEO and Founder of Indigov

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Learn how Zendesk’s partnership with Indigov powers a dramatic innovation in US Congressional offices by reducing constituent inquiry response times.

Boost efficiency and collaboration with partner integrations

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