10 apps that will make summer last a little longer

Published August 22, 2014
Last modified August 22, 2014

We’re doing our best to keep this summer going. While these 10 new Zendesk apps can’t add days to the calendar, they can help you provide your customers with better service than ever!

8x8 Virtual Office
8x8 Virtual Office tightly integrates business telephony needs with customer relationship functionality. 8x8’s second integration with Zendesk, Virtual Office includes features that are similar to their Contact Center product. With Virtual Office, you can manage your customer phone calls from an integrated Zendesk app and give your team more efficient and personalized interactions with customers with the ability to automatically generate tickets when calls are answered, create user profiles for new callers, set your phone availability status, preview matching user records before answering calls, and more.

FluentCloud is a hosted VoIP service that allows your customer support staff to focus on the customer experience. Built as a Google Chrome-based browser plugin integrated with Zendesk, FluentCloud shows incoming calls’ caller ID and will match them to existing profiles in Zendesk or generate a new profile if they don’t already exist. FluentCloud then allows you to open a user profile in Zendesk from the popup, or to create a new ticket or open and append information to an existing ticket.

Dashboard is the association management software that provides non-profit organizations with the tools they need to run effectively and efficiently. When working on tickets, you can quickly and easily access contact profile information from Dashboard that can show you info such as current membership status, contact information, events attended, and more. Quick links back to Dashboard take you directly where you can edit any of the information presented inside Zendesk.

With DataHero, you’re one step closer to creating useful and interesting ways to visualize your Zendesk data. DataHero’s intuitive design allows you to quickly and easily drag and drop information that you want to visualize so you can easily track trending topics based off multiple data sources. Connect Zendesk with one click, and combine customer support data with other metrics to give you valuable information about your customers.

FullStory lets you watch DVR-like video playback of a user session on your website. Add the FullStory script to your website, configure it to capture whatever session information you have available, and away you go. Each user’s interactions on your site will be captured and recorded, and a list of recordings will be available from the Zendesk app. Click on a recording to see where your users encountered an issue with your site and avoid all the back and forth of trying to figure out reproduction steps for errors on your site.

Being on-call is the worst. VictorOps helps make being on-call a little better. Manage your IT on-call schedule, set up alert notification policies, see a live infrastructure timeline, and collaborate with your team like never before. Connect incidents from VictorOps with Zendesk and see ticket events in your VictorOps timeline. Set up escalation policies that will notify on-call personnel based off Zendesk ticket types. Once a ticket is closed in Zendesk, the issue in VictorOps will be automatically resolved as well.

ispirante helps you jump start your process for analyzing your help desk performance and improving customer satisfaction. Don’t waste time building out metrics and dashboarding: ispirante already has them. Just spend a few minutes personalizing each to meet your exact requirements and have instant access to rules and reports that will tell you if you’re breaching SLA objectives or other statistical trends and exceptions. Quickly and easily import your Zendesk data and spend less time building reports and more on analyzing the data.

Trying to locate that one reference to a document across all the different products you use? Xendo is that one centralized location to search for tickets, documents, emails, contacts, tasks, and more and even gives you the ability to preview this information directly through the extension. Xendo’s Chrome Extension integrates seamlessly with over 20 of the leading cloud-based apps, including Zendesk.

ChannelReply makes it easy to pass eBay member and Amazon buyer messages from your eBay or Amazon store directly into Zendesk as tickets. Manage all your conversations through Zendesk and utilize all of Zendesk’s tools and features to help you efficiently run your eBay and Amazon storefronts. Handle your eBay returns, refunds, Amazon A-to-z guarantee claims, and more using ChannelReply.

PlayVox Learning
PlayVox Learning for Zendesk is an application designed to help you engage and continuously train your team by giving them access to classes and quizzes from PlayVox directly inside of Zendesk. Use the created content to engage your team with simple gamification strategies and earn points for completing classes and quizzes. Convert those results into action to make it easy figure out how well versed your agents are in your own product.

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