What to Do With French’s Fried Onions Once the Holidays Are Over

This Thanksgiving marks the 55th birthday of the green bean casserole, a dish consumed by more than 40 million people a year, according to French’s.

French’s makes the key (and dare we say best) ingredient in this traditional dish: the French Fried Onions.

But how many people are chowing down on the iconic casserole (and the onions) during, say, their 4th of July barbecues or Mother’s day brunches?

French’s declined to comment, but given anecdotal evidence and the rise in advertising and primo grocery store promotion that occurs during this time of year, it’s probably safe to say that sales of French’s French Fried Onions are best during the time when green bean casserole is most consumed–the most wonderful time of the year.

But just because French Fried Onions are the Macy’s parade of food doesn’t mean French’s isn’t trying to grab customers throughout the year. A video on the French Fried Onions web page shows a happy family enjoying chicken coated with the crunchy topping in what is clearly spring or summer months. (Or maybe Florida.) The web page includes more recipes, as well as a link to cheddar-flavored French Fried Onions, which the site calls a tasty way to add crunchy cheddar cheese to the meals your family loves.

The company itself asks the seasonal question in an FAQ on the site:

Q: Can I use French’s French Fried Onions on any recipes other than my holiday Green Bean Casserole?
A: You bet! French’s French Fried Onions are great as toppings for all your favorite meals, including baked potatoes, meat loaf, stir fry, tacos, salads, soups, and chili! Plus, have you tried our Crunchy Onion Chicken on the Grill recipe? View all of our FRENCH’S French Fried Onions recipes now.

In addition to the all-season recipes offered up by French’s, following are some interesting uses of French Fried Onions:

Swiss Vegetable Medley

French's Fried Onions

Barbecue Cashew-Chicken Pizza with French-Fried Onions