4 customer service tips from Zendesk’s head of global support

4 customer service tips from Zendesk’s head of global support

December 4, 2013
4 customer service tips from Zendesk’s head of global support

There’’s nothing customer support managers love more than hearing in-the-trenches stories from their peers: what works, what failed, and how to do better. That’’s why Pam Dodrill, Zendesk’s Senior Director of Global Customer Support, is always one of the most popular speakers at any Zendesk event.

Well, you’re in luck: You can enjoy Pam’’s presentation from the comfort of your own desk in our recorded webinar from December 11th. Here’’s a sneak peek at some of the tips she shared.

1. How to put customer service best practices into action.
In her webinar, Pam will go into more detail on some of the topics from her popular Dodrill’s Dojo blog series, like how to keep your service reps engaged, why on-boarding is so important, and more.

2. How to follow the sun.
Zendesk supports over 30,000 customers around the globe using a follow-the-sun approach. Pam will share her best tips for providing outstanding support around-the-clock. [Hint: It’s all about daily handoffs between teams and using the right tools.]

3. How to move toward proactive—rather than reactive—support.
Pam will explain how you can lighten your load by taking a proactive approach rather than simply putting out individual fires. For example, she’ll show how Zendesk used analytics to identify hot support topics that could be easily and effectively addressed with knowledge base articles.

4. How to solve ______ [enter your issue here]
You tell us: What are your burning questions? What issue is your team facing that you need help with? What do you want to know about how Zendesk does support? We’ll save plenty of time at the end of the webinar for Pam to answer your questions.

You can also get loads of customer service tips you can put into action today from previous Zen Masters like Shep Hyken, Micah Solomon, and Randi Busse.

Check out Pam’s recorded Zen Master webinar Zen Master webinar

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