5000 Customers and Counting

May 18, 2010

Today we’re absolutely psyched to announce that 5,000 companies around the world are now using Zendesk for support, service and customer engagement. It’s almost exactly one year ago that we announced our 1,000th customer and the journey since then has been awesome. We currently process more than 1.5 million support requests per month and 10 million people around the world have now been serviced by a Zendesk powered support system.

An aspect to the 5,000 figure that we find tremendously cool, is that we have customers from almost every part of the world, every industry and segment and more or less of any company size. You probably already know some of our brand name customers, including Twitter, Yammer, Groupon, Foursquare, Square, Hulu, TripIt, Scribd and all the other cool 2.0 cats. But our customers also count more established businesses such as Rackspace, Sony Music, SAP and MSNBC and real life retailers such as BooksAMillion, John Lewis and Conn’s. A lot of media companies use Zendesk. Everything from Denver Newspaper Agency and GateHouse Media to Condé Nast Publications and Lonely Planet. And that’s only scratching the surface of our customer base. I really recognize the proliferation of Zendesk support systems out there, when I myself contact a company for my vacation planning or for a consumer web service, and then realize that they’re replying to me via a Zendesk system.

We really believe that we have democratized the concept of a customer support help desk application. And today we have a new plan to further support that mission.

Last year in August we launched our Solo plan which caters to, as the name indicates, one-man shops and freelancers. At only $9 per month the plan has been a no-brainer for a lot of small shops, but we also believe that you don’t really get to some of the big benefits of Zendesk as a single agent. That’s why today, we are launching the Starter plan to replace the Solo plan. The Starter plan is also only $9/month per agent and fully featured but you can now have up to three agents on the plan. We hope that this will give our small biz customers even more bang for the buck.

At the same time we are introducing new pricing for Regular and Plus+ customers. An agent is now $29 per month on the Regular plan and $59 per month on the Plus+ plan. We are going to grandfather ALL of our existing customers. Your current and your next billing cycle will remain on your current price plan. So if you’re already on an annual billing cycle, or if you change to an annual billing cycle before your next billing period, you’ll be grandfathered for at least another year. Please refer to this support article on the subject.

Also today we’re launching a slew of new features that will allow you to engage with your customers in new ways. Customer communities, feedback forums, knowledge bases, feature request voting, and much more now comes out-of-the-box with your Zendesk. And we have an amazing palette of new functionality and features coming already over the next six months. You can read more about all of our new features over here.

As always when we celebrate a milestone, we like to reach out to all of our early adopters, favorite customers, friends and partners. We couldn’t have done it without you. And this time we especially want to thank all of our new friends here in San Francisco. We came to the city in September 2009 to set up our offices here in the SoMa neighborhood. We already knew so many amazing people here, but it’s awesome now to be part of the community and part of the greater Silicon Valley economy. We love it!