Advocate spotlight: bringing the agent closer to the customer

Published September 5, 2012
Last modified September 5, 2012

When trying to contact a customer support representative for assistance, the hardest part is often, well, contacting a customer support representative. If this statement gives you flashbacks of screaming “Agent!” into your phone while simultaneously pressing “0” over and over or digging through a website to find a “Contact Us” link only to be dropped onto a generic FAQs page, you might have an idea of what I’m talking about.

At Zendesk, we want customers thinking about the interaction with an advocate team, and not with the clunky software or voice-operated phone trees between them. This goes beyond building simplistic, cloud-based software. We provide easy access to additional context for the customer’s issue to help the advocate understand the whole picture.

Let me tell you a story:

I had a customer write in confused about why he had been charged on a supposedly canceled account. He hadn’t received an invoice and wasn’t sure what was going on. With Zendesk, I could jump into his Organization directly from the ticket page and view their entire ticket history. I quickly saw that his business partner had written in to reactivate the account a few days earlier and had upgraded their plan. Zendesk makes it easy to CC his colleague and get a conversation going on their end.

The best part is that I’m able to do all of this without opening a second database or piece of software. There’s no “Please wait while I find your account” or “Oh, I need to look this up somewhere else.” Everything I need is right at my fingertips. As soon as I no longer need to worry about my tools working properly, I can shift my focus to the customers I’m helping.