Advocate spotlight: the angry customer

Advocate spotlight: the angry customer

October 17, 2012
Advocate spotlight: the angry customer

There are times when you open your next support ticket, and think … /sigh/ “This is not going to be a win.” Most customer service reps can empathize. Some customers start out angry, and it can be difficult to imagine that they’ll end up anything but angry.

The light at the end of the tunnel here is that Zendesk offers a few built-in tools to help you out. Here are a few scenarios:

  • The customer wants your product to do something it doesn’t do. They’re angry that it doesn’t do what they want. They don’t want an apology; they just want it to work!

While you can try to employ workarounds for their needs or maybe even suggest a 3rd party integration, what this customer really wants is something that probably isn’t going to happen, and certainly not anytime soon.

What you can do is designate a Feature Requests Forum within your Zendesk. When setting this up, be sure to choose Ideas from the Content menu, so your customers can post their own thoughts. Your product management team can login and mark things as planned, not planned, or done, and include an explanation in the comments as to why something may or may not work.

This way, the customer can really feel heard and get a valid explanation from your company.

  • The customer has some experience with your company; completely unrelated to your support team. They immediately tweet that you couldn’t pay them to work with <insert company name here>.

Not only can you publicly address the issue on Twitter directly from your Zendesk account, you can take the conversation offline and really dig into what’s upsetting the customer. Often the answer is going to take more than 140 characters, and Twitter just isn’t the right place to address the issue.

Unfortunately, nothing your Zendesk can do as a customer support tool is going to replace what you can do as a person. It’s easy to want to back off the difficult tickets, but many times, if you really read the complaint, you can find some small potential to create a positive experience. Even if you can’t, the customer will see in your response that you took the time to listen.

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