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AI-powered ecommerce drives business at Cox Automotive

Everyday conversations with customers become revenue-generating opportunities.

Last updated June 9, 2023

We know that AI tailored for CX and conversational experiences will change how businesses approach customer service—but you don’t have to take our word for it.

At Relate 2023, Zendesk customers across industries joined us to share how AI and emerging channels like messaging apps are making an impact on customer experience. One of those customers was Cox Automotive, the parent company of household names like Kelley Blue Book,, Autotrader, and more.

Dale McCrory, VP of Product and Engineering at Cox Automotive, joined product expert Kevin Boyer from Zendesk for a look under the hood:

  • How a company with a global footprint and a host of brands under its umbrella delivers personalized customer service across its ecommerce channels and audiences
  • How they tap into customer conversations with agents to build trust and drive sales

Trust, convenience, and the right info at the right time

The company has business across the entire ecosystem of the automotive industry, which includes manufacturers, financing partners, dealers, and, of course, individuals selling, shopping for, or buying a car. Buying a car online is more common than it used to be, and customers want to feel taken care of before committing to such a big purchase.

But the path to customer connection is filled with roadblocks: people of all generations and comfort levels with the internet want to kick the tires. They have trouble trusting what they see on the platform: be it the car as described or the integrity of the seller–or maybe even the platform itself. But, as you’ll learn, delivering timely and relevant information throughout the customer journey goes a long way.

Trust and convenience are essential in overcoming these challenges. The company’s ability to link different parts of the business though their CX platform, powered by a developing and ongoing partnership with Zendesk Labs, helps deliver both. For example, customers across the ecosystem will be able to see guaranteed value trade-in from Kelley Blue Book, personalized protection plans, and real-time delivery scheduling, all of which makes the process smoother and more transparent.

Lean on the power of conversational commerce

Using messaging apps to connect with customers—the same ones we use every day to connect in our personal lives–proved to be a game-changer. Empowered with customer data and the right tools at their fingertips, agents can make product recommendations, share promotions, and manage payments within one conversation. Meanwhile, an underpinning of AI considers users’ personal credit profiles and suggests vehicles based on their budget. And who doesn’t like (an appropriate) add-on suggestion? The platform also recommends add-on products for specific vehicles, making a vehicle e-commerce experience no more stressful than a typical Amazon checkout.

Watch this session from Relate 2023 on-demand; you won’t want to miss the demo showcasing a chatbot that helps a customer find and select cars within their budget and preferences.

Let’s make a deal

Satisfied end customers aren’t the only ones in the ecosystem who benefit–car dealers need seamless experiences as much as the everyday car shopper. With more than 40,000 auto dealer clients worldwide, Cox Automotive estimates that it touches 75 percent of vehicle transactions in North America. The underpinning of trust and convenience is also a boon for dealers, who see increased sales velocity and improved relationships with customers.

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Catch Relate 2023 on-demand for our inspiring keynotes, hot takes and tips for using AI in CX, and more customer success stories.

Having Relate FOMO?

Catch Relate 2023 on-demand for our inspiring keynotes, hot takes and tips for using AI in CX, and more customer success stories.

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