Anatomy of a McNugget

November 12, 2010

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Anatomy of a McNugget

Everyone has heard of Chicken McNuggets. The real question is: Does anyone know what they really are? Hmm, McDonald’s should…

Dear Makers of the McNugget:

I don’t eat red meat or fried foods, but still want to enjoy McDonald’s. So as far as your Chicken McNuggets go, my preference is to peel off the McFried coating and just eat the white meat Nuggets. I know you also have grilled chicken sandwiches, but I’m trying to eliminate white flour and bread products also, and Nuggets are more fun to nibble on than flat breasts.

Exactly what part of the chicken are the Nuggets? I’ve seen what people eat on reality shows and want to make sure the Nuggets are something I would normally eat since I’m just in it for a quick lunch and not trying to win $50,000. Do you have any anatomically correct photos of chickens that you could send with the Nugget area circled in red?

Can you also help me understand the philosophy behind free refills? Why would anyone staying at the restaurant buy a large drink when the small drinks are much cheaper and you can fill them up as many times as you like?

Regards to Ronald!

A Customer Satisfaction Representative from McDonald’s responded with

Thank you for contacting McDonald’s. We always enjoy hearing from our valued customers, and we’re delighted to know you like our Chicken McNuggets.

Be assured that at McDonald’s, we continually review our menu to ensure that we serve the products that our customers will enjoy most. As appropriate, our Menu Management team makes changes or enhancements to our menu. We strive to satisfy the tastes of the nearly 50 million people we serve each day. Our Chicken McNuggets are made with all white meat.

Since it’s ultimately our customers who decide what products are offered at McDonald’s, your comments are especially important to us. I’ve shared them with our Menu Management team for their ongoing evaluation of our menu.

Again, thank you for contacting McDonald’s. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

I’m not lovin’ this response overall. Other than mentioning McNuggets are, “made with all white meat,” which I covered in the letter’s second sentence, McDonald’s offered no additional information. Their wording, “made with,” did make me wonder what the “with” parts were and those ingredients are listed on their website — a paragraph containing everything from white boneless chicken and food starch-modified to being prepared in vegetable oil containing hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ, plus dimethylpolysiloxane added as an antifoaming agent.

I’m still wondering what part of the chicken “white boneless” comes from. Is it only the breast? If so, do chicken breasts have nipples? Probably not because I doubt the Menu Management team would pass up the opportunity to offer millions of people a side of McNipples with their McNuggets. One thing I am lovin’ about the response was it included a card for a Free McCafé medium coffee, plus two buy 4 and the 5th is free punch cards.

If you’re prospecting for McNuggets, or for that matter, McAnything, visit McDonald’s. Although, if you want to get to the meat of the matter with any product, Step 1 is to Write The Company.

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