Audyssey Cranks Up the Volume on Social Media

March 1, 2010

Audyssey uses zendesk

1) Audiophile |?ôd?-??f?l
noun | A hi-fi enthusiast: (see Audyssey).

2) Audyssey |?äd?s? |
noun | Leader in creating innovative audio technologies and products that reproduce sound as close as possible to the real thing.

Audyssey Laboratories uses Zendesk to power its help desk and also to connect with customers in two-way conversations beyond product support. Customers and fans help the sound gurus find new ways of making auditory magic.

Audyssey creates innovative technologies and products that reproduce sound as close as possible to the original recording. The Los Angeles-based company implemented Zendesk’s forums to create a community for fans last year — dubbed, appropriately enough, “Ask Audyssey

“We have always prided ourselves on our accessibility to our customers.  We wanted to provide a place where customers could not only connect with Audyssey, but also with their fellow audiophiles,” said senior marketing manager Stefanie Narayan.

“It all started when we launched a blog last year. To our surprise some posts got more than 170 comments,” she said. “It was clear to us that our customers and fans wanted a means to talk to us and that we needed to go further than a blog and a help desk. So Ask Audyssey was born.”

Audyssey released its first groundbreaking technology in audio video receivers in 2004, solving one of the most critical problems in home theater sound: the distortion caused by room acoustics. Since then, the company has delivered many innovative audio technologies that make movies and music more enjoyable in home theaters, cars, and cinemas. Partners include: Denon, Integra, Onkyo, Toshiba, Insignia, Jaguar, Volvo and IMAX.


The Path to Zen

Before Zendesk, the Audyssey support team relied on an email-based ticketing system. As business grew, however, Stefanie said keeping track of tickets became difficult.

“As our customer base grew, an email-based support system became very hard to manage. We needed a more robust support platform with assignment and reporting capabilities,” she added.

Stefanie searched for a hosted, SaaS-based help desk solution because of its flexibility and zero maintenance requirements.

“With a small IT team, a SaaS-based system is the only logical solution. We can free our team to do what they do best, and let Zendesk handle what they do best.”

In addition to a help desk solution, Stefanie was also looking for a new customer relationship management system. She came across a CRM offering called Batchbook that she liked.  She recognized the Zendesk name from Twitter’s support forums and decided to test drive Zendesk after noticing that it shared an API integration with Batchbook.

“After some homework it was clear that Zendesk could solve the challenges we had with our help desk and satisfy our desire to connect with customers,” she said. “Support and community forums go together naturally.”

Stefanie said she signed up for a free Zendesk trial and was delighted with the fast and easy setup and she found the system intuitive and easy to use.

Her small support team ramped up quickly.  The evaluation took around six weeks, and only a month later the Ask Audyssey community was fully implemented and skinned.

“Zendesk’s ticketing system has helped increase the efficiency and lower response times for our help desk, and the community forums have decreased the number of tickets submitted. It’s a win-win.”

If you have any questions for Stefanie (or us), ask them below in the comments section. Meantime, you can read more about Audyssey on its website.

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