Best practices for Zendesk administration

Best practices for Zendesk administration

October 22, 2012
Best practices for Zendesk administration

Earlier this year, while the Zendesk team was getting ready to launch a major new version of our product, Stafford Vaughan of CustomWare started writing a book about best practices for the administration of Zendesk. The purpose of the book was simple – to take the already easy-to-use features of the product, and explain how to use them to their full potential. The result is “Practical Zendesk Administration”, published by O’Reilly.

“Reading the chapters are like reading the notes we never wrote when we designed the product… Stafford’s ability to enlighten readers on how to use the product better and the reasons for the design decisions in Zendesk never ceases to impress us”, says Mikkel Svane, Founder and CEO of Zendesk.

If you attended the Zendesk European bootcamps that we ran over the past 12 months, you may recognize Stafford’s name. He is the author of the official training curriculum that we use at Zendesk, and as a member of the CustomWare team, he has led hundreds of our customers worldwide to implement our product successfully.

Practical Zendesk Administration provides comprehensive coverage of the administrative features of Zendesk, and is up-to-date with topics that include the new Zendesk. You’ll find an extensive array of best practices in the 189 pages of content, and simple explanations of features that you may not have known existed.

According to Cliff Cate, SVP Customer Success at GoodData, “This book is the must-have resource for Zendesk Administrators… A best practices book like this one not only simplifies the administrative process, it also helps with getting the most value from the Zendesk tool.”

The printed version of Practical Zendesk Administration is now available from Amazon, or you can purchase and download the ebook to start reading it immediately. For a brief overview of the book, check out this video featuring author Stafford Vaughan.