BetterCloud: better communities with Help Center

BetterCloud: better communities with Help Center

September 11, 2013
BetterCloud: better communities with Help Center

Since day one, the customer has been top of mind for BetterCloud. We are a provider of cloud management and security tools for Google Apps. Long before launching our flagship product, FlashPanel, we were hard at work speaking with Google Apps administrators to gather requirements, research pain points, and hone in on what admins were missing from the Google Apps management and security equation.

After months of research, FlashPanel was launched to a small group of 50 IT admins who received one-on-one, highly-individualized support. While the product has scaled since its launch a year ago —FlashPanel currently serves over 20,000 companies with 13 million end users—we still aim to provide that same highly individualized support. That’s where Zendesk’s new Help Center comes in.

Focusing on Community
BetterCloud has looked to its community of users for feature suggestions and even best practices since the very beginning. While the support site has always played a crucial role in facilitating new FlashPanel feature ideas (and even prompted a feature contest where the most popular suggestions were actually built into FlashPanel), BetterCloud’s is working to further build out our community forum on the new help site.

The community forum is becoming a self-sustaining system where FlashPanel admins are actively helping other admins. We plan to introduce expert customer moderators, allow customers to rate answers from fellow users and much more. Plus, as with the rest of the new site, search will play a key role here.

Allowing our users to search the community forum, the forum as a whole will be easier to navigate and use, in turn promoting more participation.

Customizability and Integrations
BetterCloud’s support team has also taken full advantage of Help Center’s customizability, inserting custom menus containing page anchors on longer form help articles, embedding videos on each article, and creating a visual theme in line with the company’s other web properties.


The New Help Center’s tight integration with live chat service, Olark, also plays a crucial role in the company’s help site. “We’ve given visitors the ability to chat with the support team from any page on our site,” added Michael Stone, BetterCloud’s Support Manager.  “Since rolling out Olark, we’re seeing 50% of our tickets submitted through chat with an average satisfaction rating of 97%.”

Emphasizing Search
While BetterCloud has always run our support efforts on Zendesk’s platform, Help Center allows the company to provide more effective support solutions.

As Michael Stone noted, we emphasized search in the second iteration of our support site. “When we redesigned the new help site, we wanted to make it easy for customers to find what they were looking for quickly. We know that resolution time plays a huge factor in customer satisfaction, so we’re aiming to provide our customers with the most efficient experience possible.”


To do that, we built a predominant search bar on our support site’s homepage, along with highly visual, clickable icons that link to commonly searched for topics. We also tacked on a search bar to individual support pages that remains with the readers as they scroll.

To check out BetterCloud’s Help Center, visit

Our latest guest post was written by Eli Winderbaum, Operations and Community Manager at BetterCloud.

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