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April 30, 2014

Recently, the Zendesk video team produced a customer story focused on Zendesk in retail. Initially we weren’t sure how best to make the video. The challenge we faced is the same faced by any software company trying to film their customers talking about and using their product: most people using software look like every other person using software. It makes for a pretty boring video. There are only so many ways to cut footage of people typing.

Additionally, even though each of Zendesk’s customers is unique and interesting, their stories about using Zendesk don’t differ much. Not surprisingly, when you put a bunch of different people in front of a camera and ask them to talk about the same thing, you get a lot of sameness.

So, we weren’t happy. The videos were boring. We started thinking about how to fix that.

Solving the challenge of filming customer stories
We decided not to focus on how people use our software, but why. Zendesk’s goal is to improve the relationship between businesses and customers, so we went looking for companies that embody that goal and asked them to talk on camera. We asked them why and how they run a business focused on customer service and satisfaction, and what goals they have that our software helps them to achieve. We tried to capture the spirit of their company, and to showcase that special something that makes them a customer-focused business.

Showcasing companies that get it
We found a retail customer of ours whose commitment to customer service is truly inspirational. Flint and Tinder is a clothing manufacturer that sources and produces all their products in America. Their motto is “We will not let you down,” which they explain on their website “means we’re dedicated to trying harder than any retailer you’ve met before.” We are proud they choose Zendesk to fulfill that promise.

We hung out with them for two days in their offices in New York, seeing how they work, visiting one of their factories, and having informal conversations about running a customer-focused business.

Check out the conversation on the Zendesk for Retail page and learn more about how Zendesk can help retailers build brand loyalty

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