Community tip: hiring the best customer service reps

Community tip: hiring the best customer service reps

March 11, 2013
Community tip: hiring the best customer service reps

Customer service is more than just providing the answers to technical questions. Your customer service reps need to be helpful, patient, empathetic, and kind: four things that simply can’t be instilled in a person by a company. When looking for new talent to add to your team, these traits are fundamental prerequisites (see #4 of 7 Effective Keys to Transforming the Customer Experience to learn more). Technical experience, no matter how lacking in a candidate, can be taught. Being “nice” cannot.

Our latest Community Tip comes to us from Ben Lucier, director of customer experience for Tucows and Zendesk Community Moderator. This article will show you how you can build a top-notch customer service team by focusing less on job candidates with technical experience and more on people who care about helping others.

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