Community tip: find your repeat customers

Community tip: find your repeat customers

August 11, 2014
Community tip: find your repeat customers

I am sure we all have experienced the anxious customer. The one that emails you a question and wants an answer five minutes later. Or perhaps the customer who reports an issue that is serious, but your agents are busier than usual. That customer replies again and again hoping to get some attention. Or how about when an agent is out of the office but a customer is providing updates to tickets?

How do you spot these customers and their tickets?

The basic principle for finding these customers is keeping count of how many times a customer updates their tickets before an agent posts a public reply. We can accomplish this through tags and triggers.

Head to this community tip to learn more about identifying repeated customer updates on a ticket.

This Community Tip was written by Colin Piper, Service Continuity Manager at Telappliant Ltd and Zendesk Community Moderator


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