Connecting Email to your Help Desk

January 26, 2010

One of the more important aspects of your business help desk is how you capture customer questions, issues, problems, etc. While every organization is different in this regard, email remains a very popular way to gather incoming support requests. We like the ease that email offers as well. It’s a tool most everyone already uses, so it’s a simple way for customers to communicate when they have an issue.

Email Me Yet, email in-boxes aren’t necessarily the best tool to manage those incoming requests. They are designed for open-ended conversation, whereas a support issue needs a clear process toward resolution. This is where bringing email into your Zendesk combines the best of both worlds. Your customers get to use email, a tool they are familiar with; while you use Zendesk to communicate and keep track of the whole conversation until it’s solved.

Zendesk can start capturing mail as soon as you sign up, but if you want to customize how and where mail comes in (as well as how it’s sent out), you will need to take a look at your Mail and Domains settings underneath the Account tab in your Zendesk. There, you’ll find everything you’ll need to use your own email address, capture requests from multiple email addresses, and personalize the mail you send out from Zendesk.

To learn more about the options and setup, we invite you to attend our upcoming Email and Host Mapping Webinar. Co-hosted by Adria (of Ask Adria fame) and Zendesk Magician Jake Holman, this webinar will take you through everything you’ll need to know to fully integrate your email with your Zendesk. (They will also cover how to use your own url for your Zendesk.)

Webinar: Email and Host Mapping
Wednesday, January 27 8am PT / 11am ET
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