Corral Your Business Data With Metricly

September 23, 2010

We live and work on an open plain of data. It’s up to the business owner to round up all their various metrics. At Zendesk, we collect data from our product, from our support and marketing teams, as well as from our development crew, among others. As with a lot of businesses, we use this data to help us make decisions about what we are doing.

While all this data is a good thing, sometimes it can feel like too much of a good thing. Not only are we collecting a lot of data, we also use a bunch of different tools to collect it. It can be a challenge to understand and see how all the pieces fit together.

Our friends at Metricly have built a tool to address this data deluge. As described on their website, “Metricly is an aggregated dashboard and analytics platform that helps businesses of all sizes track their metrics in one place.” This includes tools like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, and the more recently announced Zendesk.

I signed up for an account and am very impressed. I connected my Zendesk account first and Metricly set me up with a default dashboard. A dashboard is a collection of graphs tied to your data, including graphs that show me things, such as how many New Tickets are created in my Zendesk by priority. You can edit and add to these graphs to get the insights you want about your support.

They also offer you some nice insights from the graphs, such as growth analysis and averages.

Where this gets cool for Zendesk users is Metricly allows you to build graphs based not just on your Zendesk data, but all your business data. Want to know how the growth in support tickets relates to traffic to your website? Add your Google Analytics account to Metricly. Want to see if the amount of time you are spending on your business Twitter account is affecting your ticket resolution time? Attach your Twitter account to Metricly alongside Zendesk.

We encourage our users to do whatever it takes to offer first-class support. If you want to do more with your support data, check out Metricly’s Zendesk integration.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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