Customer Hacks: Siri and OS X Support Bar

Customer Hacks: Siri and OS X Support Bar

December 21, 2011
Customer Hacks: Siri and OS X Support Bar

Our customers are continually doing cool stuff with our product that enhances their lives and that of their customers. Our whole goal is to make peoples’ lives easier, from the agent to the end user, so we really geek out when we see this kind of stuff. Here are two recent examples we’re excited about:

Answer tickets with Siri
Typing on an iPhone is a trying task, especially when answering request after request. Thankfully, the folks at Apple felt our pain and installed Siri on the iPhone 4s. While it answers your queries and helps you do all kinds of neat stuff, its ability to transcribe speech is by far its most useful feature. Ed Dale, Australian Internet marketer extraordinaire, decided to use it with Zendesk, and much to his surprise, it worked flawlessly and even improved his spelling. Check out the video:

OS X Support Menu
We’re a forgetful species, and Zendesk tries desperately to help you remember and track your requests. But for some, logging into the site or a mobile app is one step too many. For those, Forget Computers created an OS X menu bar app that helps track open requests, submit tickets and access their knowledge base. (No plans to make it available in the app store.) Here’s a screenshot:

Do you have a new, weird or otherworldly usage of Zendesk that’ll make our knees weak? Send it to editor(at)

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