Which country will win the Customer Service Cup?

Which country will win the Customer Service Cup?

June 10, 2014
Which country will win the Customer Service Cup?

After years of training and perfecting their skills, the world’s mightiest champions have come from every continent, every corner of the globe (do globes have corners?) to face each other on the playing field and determine one thing: Which country will win the Customer Service Cup?

Before the first World Cup kickoff takes place in Brazil in a couple days, we wanted to see how the competing countries stacked up against one another when it comes to customer satisfaction. Fans of the Zendesk Benchmark report might think they know who the winner is but the normal rules don’t apply to the Customer Service Cup (see below for methodology).

All told, the winner is: Croatia! Earning a customer satisfaction of 97.5% while fielding 4,561 customer satisfaction responses—though far less than many other competitors—is a great achievement. And congrats to all of the participants (who may or may not have known they were participating) in the first-ever Customer Service Cup.

A word about methodology
Like the
Zendesk Benchmark report, the Customer Service Cup was based on the Zendesk Benchmark. Customer satisfaction scores were based each country’s 2013 average. A minimum of 100 customer satisfaction responses was required for a country to advance beyond the first round.

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