Customer service management—not by the numbers

Customer service management—not by the numbers

February 5, 2015
Customer service management—not by the numbers

Paint by number kits have allowed millions of people to create their own masterpieces for decades now. The kits provide a controlled environment—the brushes, the paint, the canvas, and the numbers never change—so the end result is always the same.

But your customer service organization, customers, company, and industry combine to create something far from a controlled environment. In fact, your customers, competitors, partners—and hopefully even your management team—are driving change much faster than ever before.

So rather than managing by the numbers, you should be managing with the numbers. But what’s the difference?

Managing by the numbers is the process of managing to the same set of numbers week after week, month after month, and year after year. You’re always chasing the same number, or end result.

Managing with the numbers is the process of understanding your data as well as you understand your business, and knowing what, when, and how to measure different success criteria.

One common hurdle to managing with the numbers is getting access to the data you need. Zendesk solved that for our customers by partnering with GoodData—a best-in-class, cloud-based business intelligence (BI) platform. Zendesk Insights (which runs on GoodData) provides access to all customer service data in one repository, which customer service leadership can then control.

Another common hurdle is acquiring the skills to use a BI platform. Much like we turned to an innovator like GoodData to solve the data access problem, we’ve partnered with e-Learning innovator and consulting specialists Keboola to solve the skills challenge.

Keboola Academy’s Zendesk Insights Advanced Learning package offers users the ability to choose their preferred learning channels and to work at their own pace. There are several learning tools available, including videos, guides, tasks, and challenge problems, which allow users to make their learning experience unique.

Access to data, combined with knowledge about how to use data, is powerful. You can move your customer service operation from a paint-by-number organization (using antiquated sets of reports, defined years ago), to an organization that drives change, able to flexibly adjust to today’s dynamic business landscape.

Chris Albro is Director of Customer Engagement at Zendesk.

Zendesk Insights Advanced Learning was produced by Keboola Academy, the leading provider of GoodData training. This program offers hands-on learning and skills development to better understand the Zendesk Insights environment.

Keboola supports Zendesk with a variety of services, for more information click here

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