Customer service skills for new tech

Customer service skills for new tech

May 23, 2013
Customer service skills for new tech

At this point, it is basically a given that your customers are using more avenues than ever to reach out to you. That means Tweets telling you how much they love your tea, Facebook posts asking why you just sent them a blue sweater when you ordered the red one, and emails asking you to help them reset their password.

When phone calls were the predominate method of contact, it was essential for customer service reps to acquire soft skills that would help them better understand what the customer needed and help them solve their problem. Phone is still the preferred method of contact for many customers. It is important to your customers that provide multi-channel support, but it is equally important for your reps to understand each of these channel and develop skills for email, chat, and social media.

We recently published Customer Service Skills you Need in 2013, a guide to giving your customers the best possible service but making the most of what each channel has to offer. Below is just a taste:

  • Phone – smiling can “translate” through the phone, causing your voice to sound friendly and warm.  Remember to smile when it’s appropriate. Mirror your customer and get them to a place where they can smile with you. Don’t lay it on too thick at inappropriate times
  • Support tickets and email – inject personality into responses by empowering your agents to use their own voice and approach
  • Chat – Handling multiple tickets at once can be a great time saver, but only take on what you can handle. If your customers are waiting more than a minute or two between responses, then you’re effectively putting them on hold
  • Social media – Publicly acknowledge that you’re following up with a customer who has contacted you via social media, even if they’ve already joined you in a private ticket. It’s important to close the loop. Once the situation is satisfied, thank them publicly for working through the issue with you.

Read the full guide: Customer service skills you need in 2013

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