Digital hugs and electronic kisses… in a ticket

Digital hugs and electronic kisses… in a ticket

February 14, 2014
Digital hugs and electronic kisses… in a ticket

As customer service professionals, we know you love your customers year-round. Even when it’s not Valentine’s Day. Even when they’re mad. And even when you’re severely under-caffeinated.

So how do you reach out through a ticket and let customers know you care? How do you automate customer love in Zendesk?

Justin uses a trigger to send as few emails as possible. Spike uses the forums to hold “office hours” for product questions. Lisa uses ticket log events to get customer location so she can provide zip-code specific info.

See how Zendesk customers show their customers love, and tell us how YOU use Zendesk to give digital hugs and electronic kisses.

Write a detailed tip, and you might just get a love note from us, along with a mug.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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