How Discord scaled to support 46m monthly active users

Published October 12, 2018
Last modified October 12, 2018

As its community exploded to 150M users in under three years, Discord - one of the world’s largest chat platform for gamers - turned to Zendesk Guide and Answer Bot to scale its customer service while maintaining the brand’s playful style that kept gamers returning.

Join Mike Mortimer, Director of Product, Machine Learning & AI at Zendesk and Jesse Dacumos, CX Manager at Discord, as they chat about Discord’s customer-first approach in providing support, which increased not only customer satisfaction but gamer loyalty.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how Discord used Answer Bot to boost automatic ticket resolution and user self-service
  • Hear how the new Discord & Zendesk integration enhances both the agent and gamer experience

Whether you enjoy video games or not, this is not one to miss if you care about customer loyalty!

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