Feedback Tab Redesign, New Metrics With GoodData, CSS Changes and Much More

March 4, 2011

2015 update: You may have noticed this post is a little old! We’ve replaced the Feedback Tab with something even better: Web Widget.

This week we’ve introduced a number of cool design changes to our Feedback Tab (formerly Zendesk dropbox), a fantastic new GoodData template that really helps users take advantage of the new metrics we recently launched, a few changes to our CSS, and a bunch of things we’ve fixed.

Feedback Tab 2.1

The new design we’ve brought you touts a sweet fresh new look, as well as some major tweaks and improvements to the overall user experience. For instance, we’ve reduced the use of harsh shades, there are no more sharp edges (though Internet Explorer will still see this), and better separation of important user interface elements.

A better user experience
From the Feedback Tab (formerly Zendesk dropbox), your customers are able to search your knowledge base and community forums for answers they need. Presenting those search results in a readable way is important, but more so is the ability to take the next action if none of those results were helpful.

If you have “Topic Suggestion” turned on (which is used to try and give your customers knowledge base articles before they submit a ticket or start a live chat) then this experience has also been enhanced:

It’s all the small things
In addition to the major changes highlighted above, there are a few nips and tucks we’d like to share with you as well.

  • When the Feedback Tab is closed, reopening will reset the Feedback Tab rather than reopening on the page where it was closed.
  • It’s now much easier to navigate around the Feedback Tab, including being able to go back to previous steps.
  • When Zendesk chat is turned on, customers will now be given the option to chat or submit a ticket right away. If chat is selected, we check to see if there is an agent available to take the chat. Zendesk chat is available to Regular and Plus+ customers.

Getting started
If you’re already using the Feedback Tab, you’ll need to generate a new one. The previous versions are not overwritten by this new update.

If you’ve not used the Feedback Tab before, you can set one up as an Admin. Go to Account > Feedback Tab (under the “Apps” heading) and you’re ready to go.

Other new stuff

  • There is a new GoodData template available that lets customers take advantage of the new extended metrics we launched recently.
  • We’re currently beta testing a new SAML implementation, and we’d like your help.
  • The attachments interface for admins on a ticket has seen a small interface enhancement.
  • Domain mapping on organizations now fully supports separation of email addresses by space, comma, or semicolon.
  • The CSS changes to the sidebar are now live.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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