e-Commerce and customer service

Published November 14, 2012
Last modified November 14, 2012

Magento powers some of the best e-commerce sites on the Web. A good number of Zendesk customers (including Anna's Linens, Beachmint and ModCloth) utilize Magento, and we've been talking to many of them for the past few months about how we can streamline the process of using Zendesk and Magento together. As strong believers in the best-of-breed approach, we want Zendesk to integrate seamlessly with the business applications that our customers are already using, allowing different teams to be united in delivering a unified customer experience.

The result is in an integration that will allow sites that utilize Magento and Zendesk to up their game when it comes to delivering great customer service. We announced our integration yesterday at MagentoLive UK, and have since been talking to Magento customers and partners about great customer service. These conversations have left me even more excited about our relationship with Magento. A couple of reasons for this:

  1. Driven by data: If you know Zendesk, you know that we love data. We're in love with metrics and passionate about teaching our customers to be metrics-driven. I've learned that Magento people are geeks too. They love geeking out on data and metrics-driven e-commerce. As much as anything, I think it makes them great Zendesk prospects.
  2. Passionate about customers: Like many Zendesk customers, they're passionate and opinionated. I had a 20-minute argument with an electronics retailer and Magento customer who told me I was crazy if I thought that customer satisfaction could help him protect margins. I lost (completely, devastatingly) the argument. Then he told me that they were going to go with Zendesk. Shortest and best sales cycle of my life.

Magento customers are writing the rules for the next generation of e-commerce. The pace of change in this market is incredible. The lines between sales, marketing and service are blurring, and Magento customers are blurring them. What they want is a complete view of their customers. Customer service is an integral part of that view, and we look forward to engaging with the Magento ecosystem to push the pace of change.

So, thanks Magento for your commitment to us. We hope to pay you back by helping your customers rewrite the rules for customer service in e-commerce.

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