Send employee satisfaction through the roof

Send employee satisfaction through the roof

October 12, 2015
Send employee satisfaction through the roof

Your business has multiple departments that are reliant on each other. Your IT team sets up new laptops and fixes technical issues across the company; your HR management and recruiting teams source, survey, and onboard new employees; and facilities makes sure everything runs smoothly, whether it’s the mail delivery or catering at events.

It might go without saying, but generally it helps to have good work relationships with folks on other teams—whether you’re providing the service or needing help. Things get done faster. There are more smiles. Employee satisfaction improves. Management’s satisfaction improves. Cocktails for everyone.

The success of your business actually has a lot to do with how well things work on the inside. Is it easy to get your job done? Is it easy for others to get their job done? Do you have to go digging for answers? If your company is like most, there’s probably room to improve the relationships and communication between and within teams. Employee satisfaction doesn’t require a research survey to know that it takes a decent amount of work.

Think about the resources and tools your business rolls out to satisfy external users. How many of those apply internally? Here we share how some companies use Zendesk and benefit from an increased employee satisfaction at their job.

Improve communication and employee satisfaction with a great internal help desk
When you’re solving technical issues for a living, you don’t want your technology to get in the way. It has to work to your benefit. No one knows this better than Wharton Computing’s Core Services department at the University of Pennsylvania. The team, led by Sharon Steptoe-Smith, functions as Tier 3 support to a distributed team of IT personnel who work across different departments and research programs at The Wharton School.

Their previous help desk couldn’t get the job done for them. It was inefficient for the team to use, didn’t integrate with other systems, and it took a lot of manpower to handle the management of it. They tried Zendesk because it was flexible and easy to set up, integrated with JIRA, and allowed them to update tickets, resolve them, and survey users on the mobile app. “Once people started seeing the replies from Zendesk, they were very interested in the new look, and happy with our speedy responses,” Steptoe-Smith said. On employee satisfaction in their work environment, she added, “My agents are happy.”

A good internal help desk improves communication, process management, and employee satisfaction. In this case, after employees engaged in a survey and provided feedback, seven additional departments adopted Zendesk. Each one saw an impact, with more benefit and value in the workplace than before.

Amplify conversation through a shared platform
Satisfaction is paramount to human resources teams at any company. But the Shared Services team at UTi, a supply chain management company that employs more than 20,000 people worldwide, has a few challenges that many smaller companies don’t—especially considering that a survey revealed nearly 45 percent of the company’s workforce didn’t benefit from regular access to a computer while on the job.

Noal Robinson, manager of the team for the Americas region, explained that they chose Zendesk because they were looking for a centralized platform that could help encourage and even amplify employee engagement with field team members. Just five months after implementing Zendesk, the team saw value in just that. The number of tickets jumped from a few hundred to a few thousand per month and half of UTi employees have now interacted with the team via Zendesk. Despite the growing volume of requests, Robinson said, “Zendesk has helped our Shared Services team grow to be more efficient, organized, and productive.” And the productivity shows: their internal survey revealed a 98 percent internal employee satisfaction rating. “This tool has really helped us to be able to support those field HR teams better, and provide them with the tools they need to be a better business partner with our employees,” Robinson said.

Benefit from better management of relationships with an internal knowledge base
The satisfaction of your work partners might not be as scrutinized as your internal employee satisfaction. Still, while you’re on the job and on the same team, you’ll need to help each other out. At Expedia Affiliate Network, the Partner:Connect team works closely with B2B partners who use Expedia content on their travel websites. Before using Zendesk, the team had to perform a legal and site review for each new affiliate that took close to three hours per affiliate. After implementing Zendesk, the team review new affiliates in less than an hour, roughly a 60% improvement in performance.

“We’ve definitely turned it around,” said Jamie Loren Byers II, who heads up the Partner:Connect support team. “We went from having a constant backlog to being up-to-date, getting our partners up and running much faster.” This is due, in part, to also investing time and energy into a public-facing knowledge base. Once they did this, the Partner:Connect team saw massive ticket deflection. “This is because partners were getting what I consider to the be the very best service–which is that they never had to log a ticket in the first place,” said Mike Cartwright, Chief of Partner Solutions. “There are certain things you can do at the start that will ensure the success of the workplace, and creating a knowledge base is one of them.” As Cartwright described it, Zendesk expanded from a tool intended to support and survey partner developers to a collaboration tool at the heart of their business. In turn, they saw an increase in employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

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