Enrich Your Customer Relationships From Sales to Support

December 6, 2010

2015 update: You may have noticed this blog post is pretty old. Fortunately, our integration with Salesforce is much more up to date. Read more about the Zendesk-Salesforce integration.

Today we are excited to announce at Dreamforce 2010, our new generation of Zendesk for Salesforce integration! Now, companies can gain a more holistic view of their customers, from sales to support. Salesforce and Zendesk data views are available via both platforms, empowering support agents with detailed, customizable Salesforce information. Meanwhile, sales and marketing teams reap the benefits of up-to-the-minute customer support and engagement information from their help desk.

Zendesk for Salesforce provides two-way integration with new functionality that includes:

  • Access Salesforce data from Zendesk. View Salesforce CRM information in a customer profile directly in Zendesk. Customize Salesforce attributes shown in Zendesk user profiles.
  • Access Zendesk data from Salesforce. View real-time Zendesk tickets directly from Salesforce and filter them by status, priority, and type. Update and create Zendesk tickets within the Salesforce platform.
  • Push Zendesk tickets into Salesforce cases. Report on consolidated Salesforce cases and Zendesk ticket data and tap into Salesforce’s advanced analytics to make intelligent business decisions.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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