Fine tuning: the best ticket is the one that’s never created

Fine tuning: the best ticket is the one that’s never created

March 23, 2017
Fine tuning: the best ticket is the one that’s never created

In our last Fine Tuning session, we took a look at building ideal workflows so that every ticket is solved as efficiently as possible. This month, we take the conversation a step further by asking, “How do we prevent ticket creation in the first place?” A good self-service strategy can have a major impact on customer loyalty, support costs, and customer satisfaction.

Today, we’re leading this discussion in our Zendesk Support Forums. Join our customer success consultants to learn more about getting started with self-service, including:

Part 1, 8am Pacific time: Self-service and why you should focus on it
When it comes to support interactions, data shows that customers vastly prefer self-service. Let’s look at the impact a self-service strategy (or lack thereof) can have on the customer experience.

Part 2, 11 am Pacific time: So what’s the plan?
These easy-to-follow steps will help you set up a self-service framework in no time.

Part 3, 2 pm Pacific time: Never stop learning. Keep refining your self-service strategy.
You’ve met your business goal of lowering the amount of tickets your team receives. But are you really giving your customers what they need? There are a few different ways that we can find out.

How to participate:
No matter when the information drops, join in anytime throughout the day to read through the best practices and to leave a comment, ask a question, or share your own best practices and workflow-building strategies. I’ll be available to answer your questions and discuss your strategy.

Sneak Preview:
Coleman Parkes found in a survey that a staggering 91% of people said they would prefer to use an online knowledge base if it answered their questions. In The Effortless Experience a study also revealed that customers are four times as likely to be disloyal after any customer service interaction.

Our customers have personally seen how self-service can lead to big changes. Skyscanner found that by building a Help Center that they customized to their exact needs, less than 1% of those customers who visited it submitted a ticket. Similarly, Tafe found that a self-service option really helped their agents’ efficiency. “It certainly reduces our workload. Instead of answering questions that we’ve answered before, we can help the people who haven’t been able to find answers yet.” said Brendon Walker, manager, online engagement services, TAFE NSW.

Which begs the question, why don’t you have a self-service process in place? During this Fine-tuning session we will work on helping your company get up-to- speed on building a self-service strategy.

Join the Fine Tuning conversation and learn about the beauty of self-service

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