Fine Tuning: Phone support and Zendesk Voice

Fine Tuning: Phone support and Zendesk Voice

February 26, 2015
Fine Tuning: Phone support and Zendesk Voice

Editor’s Note: Zendesk Voice is now Zendesk Talk.

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Fine Tuning Series. We’re hosting a day-long discussion focused on phone support and Zendesk Voice.

Throughout the day, I’ll post suggestions about the value of phone as a channel, optimizing your Zendesk Voice configuration, and important external considerations (headsets, bandwidth, browsers, etc.). But this is a two-way street: I welcome your tips and ideas on how to provide great phone support.

[Update: While the live discussion is over, you can still learn from the posted tips and comments about phone support and Zendesk Voice that were shared that day.]

The discussion is already underway; we kicked it off with “The Value of Phone + Optimizing Your Zendesk Voice Configuration.” In today’s two-part series, with new content posted at 8am and 11am (Pacific time), we’ll cover the below topics, and more:

  1. Did you know that customers prefer phone support over any other channel, and by a huge margin? We’ll discuss how valuable this channel can be to your business.
  2. Do you have an after hours phone support workflow in place? It’s important to design a thoughtful experience for your customers who contact support when your business is closed. Should they be directed right to voicemail, or do some or all customers get directed to a dedicated after-hours agent?
  3. Which external considerations should you take? Does it matter what type of headset your agents use, or what type of internet connection you’re using? YES. Check out Part 2 of this Fine Tuning session for our recommendations.

Head over to the forums for more details and tips, and to join the conversation

This discussion continues our Fine Tuning series, a monthly discussion in our forums about a specific topic. Hosted by a member of the Zendesk Customer Success team, each day-long discussion includes Zendesk-posted content, as well as tips and ideas from our customer community.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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