Five New May Integrations

Published May 3, 2012
Last modified May 3, 2012

It's May, and to get the spring kicked off we wanted to take the time to highlight some of the latest integrations that we've added to help extend the functionality of your Zendesk help desk!


ClickDesk provides a combination of live chat, VoIP calling, and a social toolbar all wrapped up into one nice, easy to use panel on your website. Your customers and website visitors can chat live with an agent from your company and your agents can reply via their native chat clients like Google talk or Skype. Customers also get fast and direct access to your Facebook or Twitter feed to share their support experience, and since ClickDesk offers phone numbers in over 40 countries they can call your support agents directly via the chat panel.

With the Zendesk integration your agents can view the history of tickets a person has submitted as soon as they request a chat session. When the chat session is complete, you can even create a new ticket or update an existing ticket with the latest conversation details right from the chat window without the need to login to the Zendesk help desk. Not available to chat? Not a problem! Any messages sent while offline are automatically forwarded into your Zendesk account to create a ticket.


Leftronic helps companies monitor all of their key metrics through beautiful visualizations and an easy-to-use API for pushing custom data to a browser-based dashboard! The app pulls data from Zendesk (along with Google Analytics, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Twitter, and many others) to give viewers a real-time, high-level view of every aspect of their companies.

For Zendesk, Leftronic created a custom, easy to set up dashboard that includes metrics focused around your support team. You can display items such as the number of open tickets, a list of unassigned tickets, top performing agents, and even your satisfaction ratings. You can add and remove, rearrange, and resize the widgets on your dashboard, and since they are based on the Zendesk views that you already know and use, configuration is a snap. Leftronic has even included a pre-built template that can get you started with just one click.


Mediaburst is a UK based company that provides web-based SMS services in over 150 countries that allows you to easily manage your SMS contact list and schedule SMS messages to be sent out to your customer base.

The Zendesk integration can be configured in conjunction with triggers to send an SMS message with ticket information based on different events in the Zendesk system. Events such as creation of a new ticket, update on an existing ticket, ticket resolution and more are supported and can quickly send an SMS to the customer. You determine when and what you want to communicate via SMS, and Mediaburst and Zendesk take care of the rest to help open up this new communication channel for your customer base.


mySurveyLab is a professional online survey tool that supports survey creation, response collection and real time reports generation in multiple languages (including right-to-left written languages)! You can create custom branded surveys to reflect the look and feel of your company that may include an unlimited number of responses and questions, advanced question logic, and the ability to easily report on survey results.

It's easy to embed a link to a survey in your Zendesk ticket responses or queue up a specific trigger to send out a survey link after a support ticket has been closed. The integration also allows you to make use of a custom field in mySurveyLab reports that can store any information you wish to pass from a Zendesk ticket. Want to see what ticket the survey was related to? Configure the results to pass this information when the survey gets sent out. You can add any value that is available as a placeholder on a Zendesk ticket and utilize this to report back on each survey result.


Have you ever wanted to escalate a Zendesk ticket right into your Github issue bug tracker? Well, now you can with TissueApp, a totally free web application designed to help you synchronize your Zendesk tickets and GitHub issues!

TissueApp facilitates a real time, two way communication stream between GitHub issues and Zendesk tickets through a Zendesk target where escalating a ticket from Zendesk to GitHub issues could be as simple as tagging a ticket with the word "Github." The configuration of the criteria to send an issue is, of course, completely up to you, but TissueApp helps to connect the two services and ensures that comments made in a Zendesk ticket or Github issue are pushed to both systems so you can see updates your developers may have made on a support issue.

You can check out all of our integrations here!