Getting closer to our customers with new Zendesk features

Getting closer to our customers with new Zendesk features

December 5, 2012
Getting closer to our customers with new Zendesk features

The holidays are here a little early at Zendesk! We’’ve got some great new features coming your way that will enrich and improve the service you can provide to your customers.

Before we list some of the new features, I wanted to share some thoughts about an important aspect of providing excellent customer service. At Zendesk, we talk a lot about the necessity of listening to your customers. Not just because it’’s important for them to feel like their input matters (it does) or because they want to feel like you care about their opinions, but because as consumers of your products and services, they are uniquely suited to let you know ways that you can improve. As detailed in this blog post about feature request forums, you won’’t always want or be able to accommodate their requests, but you should have a mechanism in place for your customers to discuss with you and each other their ideas and suggestions.

Some of the new features listed below were directly requested from our own users in a feature request forum and other interactions from our customers. We wanted to say a big thanks for getting involved in the community and helping us improve Zendesk!

On-hold Status
One of the most heavily-requested features by our users is the ability to track a ticket that requires input or resolution from a third-party. Our Regular, Plus+, and Enterprise customers now have the ability to enable on-hold status to a ticket, allowing them to more accurately track who is currently responsible for a ticket.

Embedded GoodData and 200 Custom Fields
Plus and Enterprise users can now access GoodData reporting from within their Zendesk. This helps you make data-driven decisions based on powerful reporting, without having to leave your Zendesk. This feature is only available on the new Zendesk, so if you haven’’t made the move yet, now is a great time. We’’ve also increased the number of custom fields exported to GoodData from 60 to 200 for our Enterprise users! This is great news for anyone looking to capture additional data points and is readily available without you having to make any changes.

Audit Log
It’’s now possible to track all kinds of activity and changes to your Zendesk with Audit Log. One example is User Management, which includes:

  • user created
  • user role changed
  • user deleted
  • user’s password was changed

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