Get Feedback on Support Responses With Nicereply

August 20, 2010

Offering good customer support and service is a lot like other human interactions; and one of the most important things you can do is listen. This can mean just making sure you understand what the other person is saying; but it also means listening to any feedback they have about you.

The crew over at Nicereply have created a service that allows you to capture customer feedback on your email exchanges. It works this way: you insert a unique link to all of your emails, and the recipient can rate and comment on them. Then you login to Nicereply and see how your employees and/or support agents rank, according to that valuable customer feedback.

We heard from Nicereply recently after they wrote up a guide to integrate their email feedback system into your Zendesk. Because Zendesk communication works through your email, you can easily include a Nicereply link into your Zendesk email template. And from there, your customers will have the ability to rate their support experience.

You can also leverage Zendesk triggers to customize how and when the feedback links are included in your support emails.

We really appreciate innovative and integrative web developers like the folks at Nicereply (and they are brilliant designers to boot). If you are working on a way to integrate your app with Zendesk, definitely let us know.

Photo courtesy of Orange_Beard on flickr.