Get Schooled at Zendesk University

Get Schooled at Zendesk University

November 15, 2011
Get Schooled at Zendesk University

Fresh off a successful European tour chock-full of free trainings and free drinks, we had an epiphany: customers love these courses. We received rave reviews about the training sessions from customers across Europe, but sadly, we can’t visit every country. Instead, we’re launching Zendesk University, a joint venture between us and our friends at CustomWare–one of our authorized partners–that combines the training curriculum with other best practices into several courses available online or in person at our San Francisco office.

Our customers regularly rave about the flexibility of our platform. They love the ability customize their workflow to match organizational needs, like how Groupon uses more than 300 separate macros to manage customer support tickets! However, getting started can be a bit intimidating for some, and it helps to have a dedicated time set aside to learn from an expert. For those looking to quickly master their help desk and get that warm, zen-like feeling that comes from efficient customer support, visit Zendesk University and sign up for a course today.

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