Uses Zendesk For Beta User Feedback

January 25, 2010, a TechStars’ company that raised $1.2M earlier this month for its multi-platform comic publishing platform, is launching its beta version under the “release early, release often” tenet, according to recent article on ReadWriteWeb.

The RWW article describes how is using a combination of Zendesk, GetSatisfaction, and other tools to manage early-stage feedback and engage community members in the engineering and product discussions. Micah Bladwin,’s CEO, is quoted as saying:

The worst-case scenario is that we don’t engage our community properly and lose their trust. There is nothing more dire than lost trust. The best case is that everyone who uses sees their fingerprints allover it and shows it to their friends proudly, saying ‘I built that. That’s something I did.’

Read the full story on ReadWriteWeb.

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