Hold Music

Hold Music

January 17, 2012
Hold Music

Hold Music is a new feature on Zengage where we hack through the underbrush of the Internet to bring you important customer service stories from the previous week. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you may even learn something. So sit back and bask in the warm glow that is customer service link love. (And spread the word!)


The 6 Best Words in Customer Service by Michael Hess
A light exploration of customer service communication. (via CBS MoneyWatch)


Converting to a New Kind of Quality by Jim Blasingame
While many focus on the response side of customer service, this article argues that truly sustainable customer service comes from preventing missteps that lead to incidents. (via Forbes)


Why Social Customer Service Will Come of Age in 2012 by Steve Richards
Further buy-in from brands and new technologies are catching up to customers’ demand for support via social networks. [Zendesk agrees!] (via eConsultancy)


Social Media Replacing Customer Service Channels at Banks (report) by Rachel King
Dissecting a recent report that found consumers are shifting their banking support inquiries from phones to social networks. (via ZDNet)


How to Solve Any Customer Service Challenge by Kimberly Palmer
An interview with John Yates, the Chicago Tribune’s official “fixer”, that discusses how consumers can be more effective in dealing with companies (as well as a plug for his new book.) (via US News and World Report)


Best Buy Still Faces Customer Service Problems, Experts Say by Jayne O’Donnell
The nation’s favorite electronics retailer is having some issues, according to reports. But they’re trying. (via USA Today)


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