How Every Company Can Offer Ritz-Carlton Level Customer Service

October 27, 2010

Even if you’ve never stayed at a Ritz-Carlton, you know that if you did, the service would be dreamy. And if you have had the pleasure of staying at one of these ultra swank hotels, you can confirm that it’s probably some of the best service you’ve ever experienced.

According to Valerie Maltoni, the woman behind the Conversation Agent blog, world-renowned customer service doesn’t have to be exclusive to only famously expensive things. She has uncovered the hotel group’s gold standard service values on the its website (and apparently always on an employee’s person) and notes that any business could really adopt these rules, whether they carry Christofle or Corningware.

Here’s a list of those “service values” which as Maltoni observes, are really personal affirmations “designed to reinforce a sense of purpose.”

1. I build strong relationships and create Ritz-Carlton guests for life.

2. I am always responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests.

3. I am empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for our guests.

4. I understand my role in achieving the Key Success Factors, embracing Community Footprints and creating The Ritz-Carlton Mystique.

5. I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve The Ritz-Carlton experience.

6. I own and immediately resolve guest problems.

7. I create a work environment of teamwork and lateral service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met.

8. I have the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.

9. I am involved in the planning of the work that affects me.

10. I am proud of my professional appearance, language and behavior.

11. I protect the privacy and security of our guests, my fellow employees and the company’s confidential information and assets.

12. I am responsible for uncompromising levels of cleanliness and creating a safe and accident-free environment.