How Yammer Is Delivering Top-Notch, Personal Support to a User Base of 3 Million

August 23, 2011

One of the best things about Zendesk is we get to see so many hot companies doing incredibly innovative things both with their products and with how they do customer service. One of the best examples in this area is a San Francisco company called Yammer. Yammer is at the heart of the revolution of bringing social networks to the enterprise. Yammer provides a secure way for employees at companies to communicate, collaborate, and share information in real time. If you haven’t tried Yammer, think of it as a private version of Twitter that’s for internal communications in your company. (And since Yammer is free, you can just go to their site and sign up.)

The interesting thing is that as Yammer has grown from 50 to 185 employees in a couple of years, their user base has grown to more than 3 million. That’s a lot of users! So their challenge is how do deliver awesome customer service with so many users? Yammer deals with thousands of service requests and support tickets every month. Their previous experience with more traditional help desk systems revealed that these systems were not easy to use. So when they found Zendesk, they were amazed they had it up in running in just a couple of days. They also wanted to make sure that their next help desk solution would scale to its rapidly growing user base without sacrificing the personal connection every company seeks to create.

Built-In CRM Integration

Since Zendesk has built-in, two-way integration with leading CRM systems such as SugarCRM and, Yammer has integrated their Zendesk directly into their CRM system. That means their sales team can view all the relevant customer support issues from within their CRM system and the support team can view all the customer account information from within Zendesk. When a customer files their first-ever support ticket, support agents can get a better picture of their entire ticket history with Yammer. And redundancies, such as multiple requests for the same information, can be reduced. Agents can see a customer’s different terms of services and support and distinguish between premium and non-premium customers, each of which requires a different workflow. No more getting blindsided by a lack of information! This is especially important for a company that’s user base is growing at such an aggressive rate.

“I used to get called or IM’d by salespeople to get support information when they were on a sales call. Now the sales team can see all of that directly on their screen. So everyone has visibility into the most important information,” says Nic Tjader, technical support representative at Yammer.

You can find out more about how Yammer uses Zendesks to power their customer service portal and how they’ve scaled their business with Zendesk by reading the full case study.

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